Chemico Grinding Paste

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Chemico Grinding Paste is the famous double-ended tin with oil-based grease and silicon carbide containing coarse and fine grades.


Chemico Grinding Paste

Chemico Grinding Paste has a lithium grease base, high-temperature lubricant provides inherent shear stability, that is the lubricant remains in place during the grinding operation for the most efficient grinding together with inherent corrosion protection and good sealing properties. Capacity:110 g.

Ideal for
  • General Engineering.
  • Tool making.
  • Lapping, grinding and seating valves in engines.
  • Hone cylinders, lap out score marks and remove burrs on metal.
  • Lap shafts into bearings.
  • Lap nuts into bolts.
  • Lap cylinder heads, connecting rod and crankshaft bearings.
  • Remove rust and grime from outboard motor propeller shafts and boat trailers.
  • Sharpening blades for cylinder lawn mowers, hedge cutters, scissors and shears.
Directions for use
  • Apply a small amount of paste to valve seat
  • Avoid contact of the grinding paste with the valve stem and guide
  • Grind the valve in the normal manner until a uniform seat of the desired appearance is obtained
  • If the seat is badly pitted, first use a coarser grade paste then trim with the fine grade
  • When a satisfactory seat has been obtained, clean off well and degrease with a suitable solvent such as paraffin before valve reassembly

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual for instructions and follow these carefully.