Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive (50ml)

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Loctite 242 is a general-purpose liquid threadlocker intended for locking and sealing threaded fasteners. For metal thread sizes up to M36.


Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive

Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive is thixotropic to prevent migration after application and is intended for fasteners that require normal disassembly with standard hand tools. It provides quick fixture times on steel, brass and stainless steel of 5, 15 and 20 min respectively. This product protects against corrosion and rust and prevents fasteners from loosening from vibration.

  • Medium strength
  • Medium viscosity
  • Quick fixture time
  • Thixotropic to reduce adhesive migration
  • Chemical Basis/Base: Methacrylate
  • Color: Blue
  • Fixture Time: 5.0 – 20.0 min
  • Key Characteristics: Thixotropic
  • Substrates: Metal: Steel, Metal: Steel – Stainless Steel, Metal: Brass
  • Size: 50ml Bottle