Optibelt ALPHA SRP

Optibelt ALPHA SRP – Custom cast belts with molded cleats or bracking.


Optibelt ALPHA SRP

The Optibelt SRP timing belt with cast cleats and coatings is manufactured in a single production step and used in conveying systems.

The polyurethane is cast between the core mould and the special outer mould with correspondingly increased internal diameter or special outer moulds with the desired contour for the cleats.

By rotating the inner and outer moulds around the central axis, a Shore hardness that differs from that of the teeth can be cast using a centrifugal casting process.

  • High number of cleats in a very small space
  • Strong connection between cleat/coating and base belt due to consistent cross-linking
  • Finely formed cleat geometry thanks to liquid cast polyurethane
  • Mould production allows small, coated belts to be manufactured