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Optibelt CONVEYOR POWER – Ribbed belts – elastic.



The elastic ribbed belts were especially developed to meet the mechanical requirements for fixed distances between centres. The unique tension cords of high-quality polyamide provide the required elasticity for the ribbed belt and consequently also increase the permanent resistance even with frequent start/stop cycles.

Elastic ribbed belts of the Optibelt CONVEYOR POWER RB series are used in all fields of the transport and logistics industry. Straight roller track conveyors – curved conveyors – accumulating conveyors – continuous conveyors – sorters – transfer lines – outfeed & infeed systems, semi-automatic & fully automatic storage systems, etc.

With an efficiency of up to 97%*, the optibelt CONVEYOR POWER is used with transport weights of 1 – 1200 kg depending on the conveying speed and acceleration. The optibelt CONVEYOR POWER was also further optimised for use in curved conveyors.

Profiles Lengths
PH 236 – 746 mm
PJ 236 – 746 mm
PK 236 – 746 mm
EPH 236 – 746 mm
EPJ 236 – 746 mm
  • Combines the high flexibility of the flat belt with the high power transmission capability of the V-belt
  • Insensitive to torque impulses and short-term overloading
  • Maintenance free, and no retensioning required
  • Small pulley diameters
  • Temperature resistance from -40°C to  +80°C
  • Easy assembly in service areas
  • High belt speeds possible
  • Installation with fixed shaft distance
  • Allows individual design of tension and elongation characteristics
  • Good frictional power transmission and excellent performance
  • Good damping performance and shock load resistance due to high elasticity of the belt

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(E)PH, (E)PJ, PK, PL, PM