Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon

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Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon – High-performance synchronous timing belts with carbon cord.


Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon

Optibelt’s DELTA CHAIN has the highest power capacity timing belt Optibelt has ever created. It is 2X stronger than any rubber timing belt. This means more compact drive designs are possible and it can replace many chain drives.

DELTA CHAIN’s performance properties can offer a superior choice in existing applications. Its carbon cord power capacity also allows Optibelt DELTA CHAIN to replace roller chain as it needs no lubrication, runs quieter, and requires less maintenance. In new drive designs, optibelt DELTA CHAIN can allow for more compact drive designs, save weight and increase efficiency.

The optibelt DELTA CHAIN belt is designed to be compatible with optibelt’s DC pulleys (8MDC) and Gates Poly Chain pulleys (8MGT2).

Profiles Lengths
8MDC 640 – 4480 mm
14MDC 994 – 4410 mm
  • Superior Protection
  • Idler Capable
  • Carbon Cords
  • High Resistance
  • Compatible Tooth Pattern

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