Optibelt OMEGA HP double sided

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Optibelt OMEGA HP double sided – High Performance Timing Belts.


Optibelt OMEGA HP double sided

The double-sided Optibelt OMEGA HP is a high-performance timing belt that was developed for heavily loaded high-speed drives. OMEGA HP double-sided belts have the same durability and construction of their single-sided counterparts.

The new double-sided OMEGA HP timing belt is faster, stronger, and more compact. A timing belt to meet high demands.

Profiles Lengths
D3M special order
D5M 1000 – 2525 mm
D8M 1000 – 3280 mm
D14M special order
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Low-Noise
  • Durable
  • Strength
  • Versatility
  • True Running
  • Temperature Range: -22 to 212°F.
  • Anti-Static

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D14M, D3M, D5M, D8M