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The Optibelt OPTIKRIK TENSION GAUGE – manual tension testers are the time-proven method for measurement. Easy to use with just a press of your finger!



Optibelt OPTIKRIK TENSION GAUGE – the tension testers reliably inspect whether the V-belt, kraftband or ribbed belt has the correct tension.

This simplified method for static tension measuring should be used for installation and maintenance tensioning of the belt when the important technical data is unavailable and the optimum tension cannot be calculated. This method requires only knowledge of the small pulley diameter and the belt section and construction. The gauges may also be used to set tensions when the optimum tension has been calculated from known technical data.

Technical Data:
  • Optikrik 0 Measuring range: 70 – 150 N
  • Optikrik I Measuring range: 150 – 600 N
  • Optikrik II Measuring range: 500 – 1,400 N
  • Optikrik III Measuring range: 1.300 – 3.100 N
  • Interference-free measuring methods: EM: electromagnetic waves AC: acceleration, integrated
  • Large, easy-to-read display screen: 43 mm wide and 58 mm high backlit colour screen
  • Also usable for long centre distances due to an unprecedentedly wide high frequency range: AC: 1 – 16 Hz EM: 6 – 600 Hz USB port for recharging
  • More accurate, improved distance discs / magnetic discs due to more precise optical characteristics
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • For hard-to-reach belt spans: Measuring head on flexible gooseneck (EM) or on 250 mm cable (AC)
How to use
  1. Determine the belt section of your drive belt
  2. For this purpose, measure the smallest pulley diameter in the drive system
  3. You can read the corresponding belt tension from the table
  4. Check the tension with the Optikrik as described in the instructions for use