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Optibelt TT TENSION TESTER – A guarantee for the long life of your V-belts, ribbed belts and timing belts!



The Optibelt TT Tension Tester allows for easy measurement of tension in v-belts, ribbed belts, timing power transmission belts. Simply turn on, position the red dot on the belt with the unit, approximately 12 inches away, and flick the belt with your finger. The unit will register the belt tension using the belts vibration with no interference from outside noise. The results are quickly displayed on the color LCD screen.

Results are measured in hertz (Hz) which proper tension can be referenced by using Optibelt’s free CAP drive calculation software.

The type, condition and color of the belt have no effect on the readings. Tension recommendations can be taken from Optibelt specifications and CAP calculations.

  • Quick and easy to use with belt drives
  • Measurement of parallel and angular misalignment
  • High level of operational safety
  • Time-saving and accurate measurement methods
  • Supplied in a practical service box: small for practical handling
  • Includes accessories (target magnets, distance discs, batteries)
  • 2-Way Measurements taken: Electro magnetic wave & ACC: acceleration for increased accuracy
  • Accurate tension readings on timing, ribbed, and v-belts
  • Measured frequency ranges: ACC: 1 – 10 Hz, EMV: 6 – 600 Hz
  • Easy to read large color LCD display
  • Easy to align 2 LED dot method. Hold the tool over the belt at a distance that aligns the dots and measure! On-board rechargeable lithium battery for long life and easy USB charging Flexible goose-neck (EMV) or with 10” cable (ACC) aid tension measurements in difficult to reach areas