SKF Lock Nut Spanners TMHN-7

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SKF Lock Nut Spanners TMHN-7 is fitted with multiple lasers which helps you to easy and more accurate target the object.


SKF Lock Nut Spanners TMHN-7

The SKF Lock Nut Spanners TMHN-7 set of lock nut spanners is especially designed for mounting self–aligning ball bearings as well as small spherical roller and CARB bearings on tapered seatings. Using the TMHN 7 minimises the risk of over–tightening of the lock nut, which can result in removing the bearing’s radial clearance and bearing damage.

Features & benefits
  • 7 different–sized spanners to fit nut sizes 5 to 11
  • Each spanner is equipped with a protractor and is clearly marked with the correct tightening angle for mounting SKF Self aligning ball bearings
  • 4 grip points on each spanner giving better and safer grip on the nut
  • Reduced risk of damaging bearing by over–tightening
  • Suitable for use with lock nuts of the KM series either on shaft or in SNL housings
  • Supplied in a carrying case
Technical Data
Designation TMHN 7
Dimensions of case (w x d x h) 345 x 255 x 85 mm (13.6 x 10.0 x 3.3 in.)
Weight 2,2 kg (4.7 lb)