SKF System 24

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SKF System 24, Gas driven single point automatic lubricators.


SKF System 24

The units are supplied ready-to-use straight from the box and filled with a wide range of high performance SKF lubricants. Tool-free activation and time-setting allow easy and accurate adjustment of lubrication flow.

Features & benefits
  • Flexible dispense rate from 1 to 12 months
  • Stoppable or adjustable if required
  • Intrinsic safety rating: ATEX approved for zone 0
  • Transparent lubricant container allows visual inspection of dispense rate
  • Compact size, permits installation in restrictive areas
  • Greases and chain oils available
  • SKF DialSet software helps to calculate the correct dispense rate
  • Extensive range of accessories.
Typical applications
  • Applications in restrictive and hazardous locations
  • Bearing housing lubrication
  • Electric motors
  • Fans and pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Cranes
  • Chains (oil)
  • Elevators and escalators (oil)
Technical Data
Designation LAGD 60 and LAGD 125
Grease capacity LAGD 60 60 ml (2 US fl. oz)
LAGD 125 125 ml (4.2 US fl. oz)
Nominal emptying time Adjustable; 1–12 months
Ambient temperature range –20 to +60 °C (–5 to +140 °F)
Maximum operating pressure 5 bar (75 psi) (at start-up)
Drive mechanism Gas cell producing inert gas
Connection thread R1/4
Maximum feed line length with: Grease 300 mm (11.8 in.)
>Oil 1 500 mm (59.1 in.)
Intrinsically safe approval II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T85 °C Da
I M1 Ex ia I Ma
EC Type Examination Certificate Kema 07ATEX0132 X
Protection class IP 68
Recommended storage temperature 20 °C (70 °F)
Storage life of lubricator 2 years
Weight LAGD 125 approx 200 g (7.1 oz)
LAGD 60 approx 130 g (4.6 oz)
Lubricant included

Note: If ambient temperature is constant between 40 °C and 60 °C (105 °F and 140 °F), do not select a setting of more than 6 months for optimum performance.

Ordering detials
Description Designation Designation
Grease Unit 60 ml Unit 125 ml
LGWA 2 Multi-purpose EP type grease LAGD 60/WA2 LAGD 125/WA2
LGEM 2 High loads, slow rotations LAGD 60/EM2 LAGD 125/EM2
LGGB 2 Biodegradable LAGD 125/GB2
LGHB 2 High temperature and loads, plain bearings LAGD 60/HB2 LAGD 125/HB2
LGHQ 2 High performance, high temperature LAGD 60/HQ2 LAGD 125/HQ2
LGFP 2 Food grade, general purpose LAGD 125/FP2
LGWM 2 High load, wide temperature LAGD 125/WM2
LGFQ 2 Food grade, high load and wide temperature LAGD 125/FQ2
Chain oil
LHMT 68 Medium temperature oil LAGD 60/HMT68* LAGD 125/HMT68*
LHHT 250 High temperature oil LAGD 125/HT250*
LFFM 100 Food grade, NSF H1 approved oil LAGD 125/FM100*
LFFT 220 Food grade, NSF H1 approved oil LAGD 125/FT220*
Empty unit
Empty unit suitable for oil filling only LAGD 60/U* LAGD 125/U*

* Includes non-return valve