ThreeBond TB1212 Silicone Liquid Gasket (100g)

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ThreeBond TB1212 is a single-component, solvent-free and non-acid RTV-Silicone (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) rubber. An oxime neutral cure type, it can be used for general sealing and adheres well on alkali materials such as mortar and cement.


ThreeBond TB1212 Silicone Liquid Gasket (100g)

Threebond TB1212 Silicone Liquid Gasket (100g) presents no offensive odour during curing, and will not corrode metal (corrosion of copper based metals may occur when hermetically sealed). Highly resistance to heat, cold, weather & nonfluid, easy mounding.

  • Outstanding mechanical resistance against shear forces
  • Excellent adhesion even to slightly polluted surfaces
  • Extremely fast curing
  • No shrinkage and no generation of corrosive gases
  • Excellent dispensing and application
  • Normal disassembly
  • Electronics Bonding/Sealing
  • Powertrain Sealing
Other Features
  • Automotive Fluid Resistance
  • Colour: White
  • Reaction Type: De-oxime
  • Viscosity: 300 Pa.s
  • Specific Gravity: 1.05
  • Skin Over Time: 7 mins
  • Shore Harness: A30
  • Elongation: 300%
  • Tensile Strength: 2.0 MPa
  • Shear Strength: 1.0 MPa (Al)
  • Pressure Resistance: >10.0 MPa (15mm flange)
  • Effective Temperature Range: >10.0 MPa (15mm flange)