Timken Cylindrical Bearings N (RIN, RN)

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Timken Cylindrical Bearings N (RIN, RN)

These bearings carry radial load only and can accommodate both expansion and contraction. The relative axial displacement of one ring to the other occurs with minimum friction while the bearing is rotating. Type N bearings may be used in one or two positions for shaft support if other means of axial location are provided. The outer ring has a cylindrical bore without ribs and the inner ring incorporates two ribs.

Size range: 80 mm to 2000 mm OD

Design Attributes
  • Design has a cylindrical outer ring and two ribs on the inner ring, making type N bearings well suited for use as floating bearings.
  • Separable components simplify mounting and removal.
  • Accommodates axial expansion and contraction.
  • Provides axial displacement between rings with minimum friction while rotating.
  • Supports heavy radial loads.
  • Not suitable for applications with thrust loads.
  • Cement making equipment such as crushers; vertical, ball and rolling mills; conveyor drives; gear reducers, spherical pillow blocks; trunnions and rotary kilns
  • Power generation equipment such as pulverizers, gearboxes and gear drives
  • Oilfield equipment such as mud pumps, drawworks, swivels, block hooks, crown blocks, traveling blocks and top drives