Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearings

All cylindrical roller bearing configurations (except RAA) provide precision control of the rollers for operation over a wide range of speeds with precision-ground, double-ribbed guide flanges on one ring. These roller bearings are found in turbine engine mainshaft, transmission and gearbox applications with high radial loads.

Size range: 22 mm to 300 mm OD (special designs up to 600 mm are available)

Design Attributes
  • RF and RJ configurations are designed for applications requiring axial position control or limited thrust capabilities in one direction.
  • For applications operating at higher loads and speeds, the RJ configuration is designed for easier lubrication with an oil jet onto the inner race.
  • Types RU and RN are full-floating configurations that allow limited axial motion during operation. RN is less prone to slip or skid under lighter loads or varying loads at high speeds. RU is easier to lubricate under heavier loads.
  • Types RUS and RNH bearings are used in integral designs where the rollers run directly on a hardened and ground shaft or housing. Performance characteristics are similar to RU and RN.
  • The RAA configuration has single-ribbed inner and outer rings and performs under low speeds or oscillating conditions. It has high guide flanges to accept some thrust in one direction.
  • Turbine engine mainshafts
  • Transmissions
  • Gearboxes