Molykote CU-7439 Plus Paste

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Molykote CU-7439 Plus Paste is a mineral oil-based anti-sieze paste formulated with copper as the solid lubricant and enhanced corrosion protection.


Molykote CU-7439 Plus Paste

Long-term lubricant for machine components that are exposed to high loads, high temperatures and corrosive environments. The paste exhibits excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, providing not only good resistance to removal by steam and/or hot water, but increased protection from corrosion.

Sliding surfaces and friction contacts exposed to heavy loads, requiring “clean” lubrication, especially at low to medium speeds. Could be used on many friction contacts of electrical and domestic appliances, packaging and office machinery, and precision instruments, as well as in textile and plastics processing machinery.

Performance Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Wide temperature range (-30 to 650°C)
  • Good load-carrying capability
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Excellent protection against fretting corrosion and corrosion due to high temperature
  • Helps prevent brake squeal in disc brakes
  • Allows trouble-free disassembly of machine components, even after long service intervals

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Volume Capacity

500 g