Optibelt ZS and ZSI

Optibelt ZS and ZSI – Mechanically joined for quick on-site installation.


Optibelt ZS and ZSI

The timing belt joint ZS/ZSi is designed to allow repeated detaching and joining of timing belts in the application itself.

AT10 and H profiles are offered in stainless steel, which is standard for these profiles. These can therefore be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry in combination with suitable timing belts. The tooth side inserts of the T10 profile is made of brass, and cannot be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The back plates are connected with the inserts on the toothed side using bolts that are screwed on through the belt. The top surface of the belt is 1mm high in the ZSi so that the back plates are embedded inside the timing belt and finish flush with the height of the top surface of the belt.

The standard width ranges of lock connections for the profiles AT10 and T10 are 25, 32, and 50mm, and for the H profile, 25.4, 38.1, or 50.8mm.

Intermediate widths and widths exceeding 50mm are available on request.

  • Connections made of stainless steel are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Quick and easy installation on-site in the plant
  • Coated belts can also be joined using PINJOIN