Permatex Decal & Adhesive Remover 80025

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Permatex Decal & Adhesive Remover 80025 is r is a solvent stripper specifically designed to quickly remove decals, stickers and adhesive from bumpers, windows and truck bodies


Permatex Decal & Adhesive Remover 80025

Permatex Decal & Adhesive Remover 80025 is a fast-acting cleaner that quickly removes adhesive residue, decals, bumper & window stickers, tape, tar, sap, bugs, grease, and other sticky substances.

  • Fast-acting formula quickly removes stickers, decals, and other adhesives
  • Contains no acetone
  • VOC compliant and safe for indoor use
  • Safe to use on windows, leather, vinyl, fabric, auto body, painted surfaces, tools, plastic, metal, and wood
  • Pleasant citrus scent
Suggested Application(s)

Use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, snowmobiles, wave runners, ATV’s, boats, helmets, tools, equipment, and appliances to remove: adhesive residue, bumper stickers, parking stickers, dealer logos, pinstripes, vehicle advertisements & company logos, racing graphics & sponsorship logos, and bar code labels.

  1. Shake well and test on an inconspicuous area.
  2. Apply Decal & Adhesive Remover directly to bumper sticker or label.
  3. Immediately wipe off any overspray.
  4. Allow a few minutes for adhesive to dissolve.
  5. Use Permatex Safer ScraperTM to remove sticker. Apply more Decal & Adhesive Remover as needed.
  6. Eliminate any remaining residue and wipe clean.
  • Chemical Type: Petroleum and citrus solvents
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Odor: Citrus
  • NFPA 704 Flammability Rating: 4 (Highly flammable)
  • Flash Point: Aerosol, contents under pressure, consult MSDS