Optibelt RB

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Optibelt RB – Ribbed belts engineered to perform, Optibelt quality.


Optibelt RB

The ribbed belt combines the high flexibility of the flat belt with the high performance of the V-belt. The V-shaped parallel ribs are made from a wear-resistant rubber compound. The high strength tension cord is designed for the many applications of the ribbed belt.

It is embedded in a rubber adhesive mixture and covers the entire width of the ribbed belt. Fibre reinforced, wear resistant rubber compounds ensure quiet operation, oil and heat resistance and a long belt life.

The small minimum pulley diameters are suitable for drives with high speed ratios as well as slow running drives. Ribbed belts are well suited for the use of back bend idlers, such as in serpentine drives.

Profiles Lengths
(E)PH 698 – 2155 mm
(E)PJ 280 – 2489 mm
PK 630 – 2845 mm
PL 954 – 6096 mm
PM 2286 – 15266 mm
further dimensions on request
  • Very good dynamic power transmission capability
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Withstands shock loads and short-term overload
  • High belt speeds are possible
  • Can be used with back bend idlers, e.g. in serpentine drives

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(E)PH, (E)PJ, PK, PL, PM