ThreeBond TB1104 Liquid Gasket

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ThreeBond TB1104 is a single component liquid gasket on the basis of synthetic rubber developed and patented by ThreeBond as all-around liquid gasket for large joint tolerances.


ThreeBond TB1104 Liquid Gasket

ThreeBond TB1104 Liquid Gasket is a one-component gasket with good thixotropic properties. The elastic rubber-like liquid gasket excels in good adhesive strength and excellent impact and vibration resistance. The curing process can be accelerated by heat treatment.

  • Excellent chemical resistance, specially to liquid gas
  • Excellent pressure resistance even at extreme temperature
  • Half-drying type
  • Joint surface and frequently dismantled applications
  • Colour: Gray
  • Viscosity: 9.5 PA*S
  • Pressure Resistance (MPa Room Temperature): 9.5
  • Effective Temperature: -40°C up to 150°C

100g (tubes)

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